NBA mailbag: Should Jayson Tatum be considered the NBA’s scoring leader?

Question: Could Jayson Tatum potentially become the NBA’s leading scorer?

Jayson Tatum has demonstrated himself to be a skilled scorer, averaging over 20 points per game for three consecutive seasons. However, there are a few obstacles that could prevent him from becoming the league’s top scorer.

Tatum possesses all the necessary skills to be a dominant scorer in the NBA. He has a diverse offensive game that enables him to score from anywhere on the court. He can shoot the three-pointer, attack the rim, and get to the free throw line. Additionally, he has a high scoring efficiency, with a shooting percentage of over 45% from the field and over 38% from three-point range throughout his career.

Despite his potential, there are still factors that could hinder Tatum’s chances of becoming the league’s leading scorer. One of the primary obstacles is that he plays alongside other skilled scorers such as Jaylen Brown and Kemba Walker, which may reduce his scoring opportunities.

Another challenge is that Tatum is still young and developing as a player. To become the league’s top scorer, he must continue to enhance his game and consistency while avoiding major injuries that could impede his development.

Overall, Tatum’s talent and potential make him a player to keep an eye on in terms of scoring in the NBA. Whether or not he can take the necessary steps to become the league’s leading scorer, however, remains to be seen.

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